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  All other inventions and discoveries were inconsiderable or at least subordinate.


  He has built up a not inconsiderable business mall.


  We have spent a not inconsiderable amount of money on the project already.


  Her not inconsiderable talent is dwarfed by his.




  The mayor is a considerable official.


  He is a considerable person in that college.


  The economy was a considerable issue in the campaign.


  His remarks provoked considerable comment.


  Your work shows considerable improvement.


  The design requires considerable modification.


  It is a considerable sum of money.


  He was a man of considerable wealth.


  It will cost considerable time to lacquer the old furniture. 油漆旧家具要花相当多时间。

  They not only protect health. They bring in considerable revenue. 他们不仅保护健康,还将带来可观的收入。

  Numerous small contributions soon bulk up into a considerable sum. 许多小额捐助不久就积成了一笔可观的款子。

  Impeding means that the persona could use the product, but only withconsiderable effort. 阻碍意味着角色可以使用产品,但只有付出相当大的努力。

  By bringing HISS products into these negotiations we have the potential of addingconsiderable value to the new organization. 通过把HISS的产品带进这场谈判中,我们有潜力为新组织增加相当大的价值。

  Like the CPU, these devices are emulated as well, which can introduceconsiderable overhead in the path. 如同CPU,这些设备也被仿真,这在整个过程中会引入相当大的开销。

  But why Swedes should have more freedom in matters of sex than Americans butless economic freedom is a considerable puzzle, although I shall attempt anexplanation. 虽然我试图给出解释,但是,为什么瑞典人在性的问题上要比美国人有更多的自由,而更少经济的自由,这是一个相当大的难题。

  Tariffs and Non Tariff Barriers have a very considerable influence on the patternof world trade. 关税壁垒与非关税壁垒对世界贸易的模式有着非常重要的影响。

  "We think the downside for activity and prices remains considerable … There isno sign of a bottom in any of these data," he added. "我们认为营建活动和房价仍面临相当大的下档风险…这些数据没有任何触底的迹象,"他补充道.

  I come now to other motives which, though in a sense less fundamental thanthose we have been considering, are still of considerable importance. 现在提一些其他的动机,虽然和我们之前考虑过的那些动机相比他们在某种程度上少些重要性,但依然是相当的重要。

  Investors buy these bonds on the assumption that the issuing company will bearound in 100 years, a considerable risk that is compensated for with higheryield. 投资者买进这类百年债券是基于这样一种假设:100年后发行公司仍存在,这有相当大的风险,但被更高的收益率补偿了。

  This bid for the Crafer family's farms – now under review – has stirred upconsiderable concern in a country that depends on the dairy industry for almost a quarter of its export earnings. 这场对克莱佛家的农场的竞标-现在审查中-已在这个奶制品工业占出口收入四分之一,并以其为依靠的国家激起了相当大的忧虑。

  As a result "there are considerable gaps between goals that undermine theircapacity to achieve some interaction and synergy in development". 结果,“在各个目标之间有相当大的鸿沟,破坏了实现一些相互作用和发展中的协同增效的能力。

  The lack of such generic software tools is of considerable impediment for thosethat need to deploy such tools for managing and governing their software. 缺乏这类通用软件工具,对于那些需要部署这类工具来管理和治理他们软件的人来说,这实在是一个相当大的障碍。

  This last point, one suspects, is crucial. Persuading individuals living in policestates to hand over classified information demands considerable powers ofpersuasion. 人们怀疑最后一点才是关键所在。说服生活在极权国家的人交出机密情报,需要相当的说服力。

  If you are getting less back than you put in over a considerable period of time,back off. 如果你在相当长的一段时间内获得的回报比投入少,那么,赶紧撤退。

  I would not strike him with my fist, but I'd kick him with my foot, and experienceconsiderable satisfaction. 我不用我的拳头打他,我可要用我的脚踢他,那就会感到相当大的满足。

  This has been the subject of considerable debate within the alliance. 这个问题在北约内部引起相当大的争议。

  But it also creates a demand for advice and reassurance in the midst of limiteddata and considerable scientific uncertainty. 但是,在数据有限并在科学方面存在相当大的不确定性时,这也产生了对建议和鼓励的需求。

  Even where models agree on the direction of rainfall change, there areconsiderable differences in magnitude. 即便模型在降水量变化的方向上取得一致,在数量级上也有相当大的差异。

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