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  Which of the following collocations is incorrect?


  The statement was proven incorrect.


  Your pronunciation is incorrect.


  It turned out that our calculations were incorrect.



  Your answer to the question is correct.


  So far no correct conclusion has arrived at.


  Such casual dress would not be correct for a formal occasion.


  收起用作动词 (v.)

  Correct the errors in the following sentences, if any.


  She criticizes him. She is trying to correct his bad habits.


  The committee lacked a correct estimate of his ability. 委员会对他的能力缺乏正确的评价。

  Without correct leadership, the enthusiasm of the masses cannot be sustained. 没有正确的领导,群众的积极性就不可能持久。

  Several different figures have been bandied about,but this is the only correct one.好几个不同的数字被随意地引用了,但只有这个数字才是正确的数字。

  The teacher instructed the students to ring the correct answer. 老师叫学生把正确答案圈出来。

  The correct answer is apparent. 正确的答复如何,是很明显的。

  So, presumably, if we follow our rules so far only one of these should be correct.那么,可以假定,如果我们按照之前的规则,应该只有一个是正确的。

  You should correct these errors in the application. 您应当在应用程序中纠正这些错误。

  But this hypothesis is not correct. 但是这一假设并不正确。

  I hope, you can correct them. 我希望,你可以纠正它们。

  I need to correct some elements of your question. 我需要纠正您的问题里的一些预设。

  Please correct my mistakes when I speak to you . 我跟你说话的时候请纠正我的错误

  After you are sure that all of the settings in the file are correct, copy the file toeach server in the cluster. 在确认该文件中的所有设置都是正确的之后,可以将该文件复制到集群中的每个服务器。

  Even if they choose not to do that, the tool makes it very easy to choose a correctconnector. 即使他们不选择方向工程,这一工具也使得选择一个正确的连接器变得十分容易。

  This appears to be correct. 这好像是正确的。

  So who, then, is correct? 那么谁是正确的?

  If you start asking yourself the correct questions, and answering them, then atransformation in your attitude occurs. 如果你开始用正确的问题问自己并做出回答,那么你的态度就会发生变化。

  If one or more of the multiverse hypotheses is correct, then quite possibly they do. 如果一种或几种多重宇宙假说是正确的,那么就很有可能。

  We correct these errors in the next steps. 在以下步骤中将改正这些错误。

  You can then correct any errors that you encounter in the model. 然后您可以纠正任何可能在模型中遇到的错误。

  But how would he know if she were giving him the correct dosage? 但是他怎么能确定她是不是给他正确的药剂量呢?

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