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  We anticipate that demand is likely to increase.


  Wide reading will increase your vocabulary.


  They have increased the price of petrol again.


  We must increase our output to meet demand.


  There was a steady increase in population.


  The government is alarmed by the dramatic increase in violent crime.



  They are making further efforts to decrease military spending.


  His interest in this subject gradually decreases.


  The government projected a tax decrease.


  收起用作名词 (n.)

  The new treatment led to a huge decrease in the number of deaths.


  There has been a steady decrease in population in this city.


  Sales have now peaked, and we expect them to decrease soon. 现在销售额已经达到顶点,我们估计很快就会下降。

  Problems tend to decrease with it, but we cannot depend on the experience ofsome to have quality in the developed systems. 问题因此而逐渐减少,但是在这个发展的系统中我们不可能依靠一些人的经验来保障质量。

  With database managed space (DMS) and raw device, we can decrease the timeto fail over the disk resources, because there will be no checking of disks duringfailover. 通过数据库管理的空间(DMS)和原始设备,我们可以减少磁盘资源的故障转移时间,因为在故障转移时将不会进行磁盘检查。

  Marijuana can decrease sperm motility and increase the number of abnormalsperm. 大麻会降低精子能动性和增加不正常精子的数目。

  The administrator can increase or decrease the number of CPU VPs as neededby the database server. 管理员可以根据需要通过数据库服务器增加或减少CPUVP 类的数量。

  As we get older, the number of nerve cells – or neurons – in the brain decrease. 随着我们变老,大脑里的神经细胞——或称神经元的数量在减少。

  If you have a healthy spine, you will decrease the likelihood of back pain. 如果你拥有健康的脊椎,你就减少了背痛的可能性。

  If the code does not change over time, whether due to bugs or enhancements, the level of risk, relative to other code, may decrease. 如果代码没有随着时间而变更,不论是由于缺陷或是增强,与其他代码相关的风险级别可能降低。

  But while China cannot decrease its emissions, it can bend the growth curvedown more than any other country. 但是,即使中国无法降低其排放量,中国也能使其增长速率的下降比其他国家更多。

  Returning only the data you need from the database will additionally decreasememory allocations on your server. 只从数据库返回您需要的数据将进一步减少服务器上的内存分配。

  Now decrease the opacity of the watercolor layer to about 70% and set its blendmode to Overlay. 现在将水彩图层的透明度减少到70%左右,将覆盖模式设置为混合模式。

  You can't change your genes but there are things you can do now to decreaseyour risk for heart disease later. 现在,你不能改变自己的基因,但还有些事情是你能做到的,而那可以减少你未来患心脏病的风险。

  However, indexes can either increase or decrease the performance of operationsto add, change, and delete database records. 然而,索引要么增加要么减少了添加,变更,以及删除数据库记录的操作执行。

  This can decrease the flow of water in nearby streams or dry them outcompletely. 这可能会导致附近河流的水量减少,或者让河流完全干涸。

  In most cases, you do not want to page working segments, as doing so causesyour system to page unnecessarily and decrease performance. 在大多数情况下,并不希望换出工作段,因为这样做会导致系统进行不必要的页面换出,会降低性能。

  Health policy experts suggest curbing the consumption of sugared drinks throughan excise tax of one cent per ounce of beverage, which would be expected todecrease consumption by 10 per cent. 健康政策专家建议通过对饮料征收每盎司1美分的消费税来控制含糖软饮料的消耗。 他们希望这一措施可以将软饮料的消耗量降低10%。

  You can immediately see whether you might need to increase or decrease theallocation. 您可以立即看到是否需要增加或减少资源的分配。

  And there are consequences for these choices in terms of the results that we get, and the subsequent increase or decrease in our power and influence. 这些选择的结果,就是我们得到的结果,而且作出选择后,我们的权力与影响,不是增加就是减少。

  It is generally used to boost energy and health, but in 2005, Canadianresearchers found that when people take ginseng every day, they decrease theseverity and length of colds and often prevent it. 人参通常用于增强体能,保持健康,但2005年,加拿大研?a href=’’ target=’_blank’>咳嗽狈⑾郑绻嗣敲刻旆萌瞬危堑?a href=’’ target=’_blank’>感冒次数和严重程度会减少,经常还可以阻止感冒。

  If there are other applications running on the client machine, these pollsdecrease the bandwidth available to transfer data. 如果在客户端机器上还运行着其他应用程序,那么这些轮询会减少传输数据可用的带宽。

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