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  The fish was particularly unpalatable.


  His views on capital punishment are unpalatable to many.



  1. She can produce delicious meal from very simple ingredients.她能用简单配料烹调出美味的饭菜。

  2. The hunter entertained us with venison which was very delicious.猎人拿出了非常美味的鹿肉招待我们。

  3. The bannock is delicious.这种薄饼很可口。

  4. I like the delicious salad of crisp lettuce and tomatos.我喜欢这种脆莴苣和番茄做的沙拉,很好吃。

  5. Isn't this a delicious concoction?这不是一种很可口的混合酒吗?

  6. It was just too delicious! 太好吃了!

  7. This fish is very tasty [delicious]. 这种鱼很好吃。

  8. The largest and most delicious apples come from Dalian. 最大最好吃的苹果产于大连。

  9. I like it because it's delicious. 我喜欢它,因为它是美味的。

  10. I have been busy gathering some ideas for fun, healthy, delicious foods to sharewith you. If you have kids, these are recipes I think they\'ll like too. 我一直都在忙于收集一些关于快乐健康美味食物的创意与想法来和你分享.如果你家有孩子我认为他们也会喜欢这些菜谱。

  11. Try this with wine, candy or any delicious liquid. 也可以尝试着用酒、糖果或任何美味的液体。

  12. Do you know how to turn a simple sunflower seed into a piece of delicious meat?你知道怎么把一个简单的向日葵花籽变成一片片美味的肉吗?

  13. She can make delicious dinner and she can do the housework well. 她能做美味的晚餐,而且做家务也很拿手。

  14. I watched her drink in the displays in delicious gulps. 我看到她在花展上将美味的饮料一饮而尽。

  15. I can only say the food is some of the most delicious, authentic Italian food I haveever had and I am Italian, so that is saying a lot. 我只能说那里的食物是我吃过的最美味,最正宗的意大利美食,而我自己是意大利人,这么说的话已经足够是至高评价了。

  16. No matter, because everything is cooked through and more often than not,delicious. 不要紧,因为每样东西都是煮熟的,并且通常比生的好吃的多。

  17. After my delicious supper, roast mutton and fried mushroom, I went to thecinema. 在吃过可口的晚饭,烤羊肉和煎蘑菇后,我去了电影院。

  18. I can`t imagine what could be better than tasting delicious fresh fish, prawns andcrab. 我想象不出还有什么会比品尝新鲜美味的鱼.虾和螃蟹更好的了.

  19. They say that you can do everything if you have money. You can live in abeautiful house, keep a luxurious ear and have all sorts of delicious food. 近来,有些人认为钱就是一切,他们说,要是有了钱,你就可以做任何事情,你可以住舒适的房子,坐豪华的轿车,吃可口的饭菜。

  20. We sat down by the table and cut ourselves big pieces of her delicious peach pie.我们坐在了桌边,从她那美味的蜜桃派中切出了大大的几块,俩人一起吃。

  21. So in my design, the chair becomes something delicious,” Tang explained. 因此在我的作品中,这把椅子成为了美味的象征。

  22. I like to have sashimi and sushi with wasabi. That makes the taste delicious. 我喜欢吃芥末的生鱼片和寿司,那使口味美味。

  23. Follow these four tips and you’ll be relaxed and ready to enjoy delicious food andtime with family from the second you clock out. 按照这四个建议做,从下班的那一刻起,你就准备好好享受美味的食物和与家人共同度假的天伦之乐吧!

  24. There are many delicious "light" types of popcorn out there. 在那里有很多好吃的“轻型”类型的爆米花。

  25. At the time he had a Spanish visitor who scoffed at us eating our gazpacho, dipping bread into it to soak up the delicious juices. 那个时候,我叔叔有个来自西班牙的访客,他看到我们喝西班牙凉汤时把面包泡到美味的汤里,便嘲笑了我们。







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