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  The bright moonlight showed the Taj Mahal in all its glory.


  He grew up in the country, but then found he preferred the bright lights.


  He is not bright, but he always works hard.


  What a nice bright day!


  The guard blew his whistle,waved his bright green flag.


  Foresight tells us that China has a bright future.

  远瞻未来, 中国有着光明的前途。


  He spoke with firmness, but his face was very sad and his eyes at times were dim.


  I made out two dim shapes in the gloom.


  She is rather dim about the importance of keeping records.


  Old age hasn't dimmed her memory.


  The light of a candle is dimmed by sunlight.


  The lamp threw out a dim light. 灯发出暗淡的光线。

  The prospects are dim. 前途暗淡。

  The candle cast a dim light on the table. 蜡烛在桌上投下黯淡的光。

  So we have to cancel all other light sources to see this very, very dim light from the atoms. 因此,我们不得不遮蔽所有其他的光源,才能看到这个原子的非常,非常暗淡的光线。

  Because they are so dim, it is plausible that the Sun could have a secretcompanion even though we’ve searched the sky for many years with a variety ofinstruments. 尽管我们用各种仪器搜寻天域许多年未有任何发现,但由于它们是那么的暗淡,因此太阳还是很有可能有一颗神秘的伴星。

  "Say you're looking for a car with very dim headlights, in the fog," she said. "If youknow approximately where to look, you would have a better chance of finding it.“假设你在浓雾里寻找一辆只有暗淡车头灯光的汽车,”她又说,“如果你大概知道该往哪个方向寻找,你寻找到它的机会将会更大。”

  There was no one visible; under him, in the water, the dim shapes of theswimmers had disappeared. 周围一个人也看不见,在他的下面,在水下,游泳者们的模糊的影子也消失了。

  Logic prevails on this one as with dim lighting, busy people and highly flammablefresh paint on the set, you are running the risk of burning down the theater. 这个说法盛行的一个原因是在舞台上模糊的光线,忙碌的人们以及超易燃的新画的图画,这些带来把剧院烧毁的风险。

  And when he pierced with a sharp reed the dim eyes of the mole, they laughed, and when he cast stones at the leper they laughed also. 当他用尖尖的茅草刺破鼹鼠暗淡的眼睛时,他们放声大笑。当他向麻风病人扔石子时他们也幸灾乐祸。

  The only trouble is that it would be so dim as to be next to useless. 这种灯的唯一缺点就是它会暗到几乎没什么实用性。

  Households, burdened with debt while their retirement savings wither and jobprospects remain dim, have spent only a fraction of the tax cuts. 家庭——一方面负债累累,另一方面退休储蓄萎缩、工作前景依然黯淡——只花费了减税所得的一小部分。

  In the early days of dim-sum issuance, approval took only a month or two, a signthe government wanted the market to succeed. 在“点心债券”发行的早期,得到政府的批准只需要一两个月,因为当时中国政府希望这个市场获得成功。

  Dim, flattened, constrained by their confinement, they had never appealed to heras now, when they wandered in the still air with a stark quality like that of nudity.那时的琴声模糊、低沉、被四周的墙壁挡住了,从来没有像现在那样令她激动,琴声在静静的夜空里荡漾,质朴无华,就像赤裸裸的一样。

  They extract the vitality from one victim after another, but while they prosper and grow interesting, those upon whom they live grow pale and dim and dull. 他们把一个又一个牺牲者的活力吸净,但是当他们越发生机勃勃,兴致盎然之时,那些被榨取的人却变得越来越苍白、黯淡和迟钝。

  Households, burdened with debt while their retirement savings wither and jobprospects remain dim, have spent only a fraction of the tax cuts. 一方面负债累累,另一方面退休储蓄萎缩、工作前景依然黯淡的家庭只花费了减税所得的一小部分。

  She photographs them over a period of two weeks while their shapes change asthe bacteria stop glowing and begin to dim and die. 这一幅图保存了两个星期,后来由于细菌开始死亡,并且变得黯淡无光了,她才不得不用相机拍下来。

  While prospects for greater democracy are dim, the environment of foodshortages may cause urban unrest, which may lead to regime changes, Desaisaid. 德赛说,在推进民主的前景暗淡的时候,食品短缺的局势可能导致城市骚乱,从而也会导致政权的变更。

  The voice had come from a man who, in the dim light, appeared to be thin,balding at the temples, with a sharp face furrowed by shifting wrinkles. 这个声音来自坐在昏暗的灯光里的一个男人,看上去瘦瘦的,太阳穴部位快变秃了,消瘦的面孔带着多变的皱纹。

  All of which might indicate that dim market prospects await the wave of wind-turbine makers from China. 所有这些暗淡的市场前景是在等着中国的风电机制造商来掀起波澜。

  The world is our world, but set in a distant future where the sun has begun tocool and dim. 世界就是我们现实中的世界,但时间设定在遥远的未来,在那个时期太阳已经变得冰冷昏暗。

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