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excite表示使兴奋; 激发; 刺激的意思,那么你知道excite的短语有哪些吗?接下来小编为大家整理了excite的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦!


be excited with

为…而激动〔兴奋〕 stir by

They were excited with joy at the success.他们为成功而欣喜若狂。excite in(v.+prep.)

激起(某人的强烈感情等) cause (a strong feeling) to arise in (sb)

The handsome young man excited affection in a girl.那位英俊的年轻男子引起了一个女孩的爱慕之情。

be excited about

由于…而激动〔兴奋〕 stir about

He was quite excited about the news of victory.胜利的消息使他异常兴奋。

She was excited about going to the party.她因去参加聚会而激动。

  be excited at

由于(想〔听,见〕到…)而激动〔兴奋〕 stir at

He became excited at the discovery of the gene.发现了基因,他很激动。

The children were excited at the thought of the garden party.孩子们一想到游园会都兴奋得不得了。

be excited by

1.被…所激(怒) be angered by

The wife was excited by her husband.妻子被丈夫激怒了。

2.为…而激动〔兴奋〕 stir by

The whole country was excited by the news of victory.全国上下为胜利的消息而兴奋。


encourage, inspire, excite, stimulate


encourage : 指提高某人情绪,增强战胜困难,实现目标的信心和勇气。

inspire : 通常指鼓起勇气,充满信心和希望。

excite : 主要指某人的言行或其它外界因素使他人变得兴奋或感情冲动,多用被动态。

stimulate : 尤指人或物因外界因素而受到刺激,使人振作起来或增强做某事的信心和勇气。


1. Reports of the plot of this unusual film tend to excite revulsion.


2. Daniel’s early exposure to motor racing did not excite his interest.


3. The speaker has been warned to excite violence in the crowd.


4. The amount of nicotine in these nicotine substitutes can be enough to excitethe heart.


5. By all accounts, the monarchy does not excite strong feelings among the majority of Romanians.


6. Lawrence is one of those writers who either excite you enormously or leave you cold.


7. Lasers can excite specific modes of the reactants.


8. Such photons will excite the higher vibrational levels of the OH molecule.


9. Yahoo was the exception, but Excite, Infoseek, HotBot and Lycos began as search engines.

Yahoo是个例外, 但是Excite, Infoseek, HotBot和 Lycos都开始转型成为了搜索引擎.

10. Sometimes these things excite people, and sometimes things confuse or trouble them.

有时这些事情使人们兴奋, 有时它们又使他们困惑或烦恼.

11. They subsequently de – excite and emit mid – infrared light particles, or photons.


12. He’s delirious with the pain and fever, try not to excite him.

他因为疼痛和发烧精神混乱, 尽力不要让他激动.

13. Also, FPL could mildly excite uterine, in which safflower play a main role.

促孕液也能缓和地促进子宫运动, 其中红花起主要作用.

14. Meclophenoxate can adjust the metabolization of neurocyte and excite nerve system.


15. They warm and excite us’Cause we have the brightest love.


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