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1 economic development economical 节俭的,节约的 an economical car to run 节油汽车

2 economy class 经济舱 national economy 国民经济

3 have an effect on 对…影响 produce an effect of (doing) sty 产生…效果

4 in the east of (在里面) to the east of 不连接) on the east of (接攘)

5 take it easy 别着急

6 eat one’s words = break one’s promise 食言

7. come into effect 开始生效 (come into force) bring sth. into effect 实施

8. be of no effect 无效 side effect 副作用

9. make an effort to do 做出努力去做 spare no efforts to do 不遗余力去干…

10. the elderly = the aged = the old老年人

11. 不定代词 + else 特殊疑问词 + esle

12. embarrass sb 使为难,难堪 I felt embarrassed.

I was embarrassed by lack of money. 因缺钱而苦恼

13. an emergency ward 急诊室the emergency measures 紧急措施 in an emergency在紧急时刻

14. place/put/lay emphasis on/upon sth 强调

15. employment agency 职业介绍所 be out of employment = be out of work = lose one’s job

16. enable sb to do sth

17. encourage sb to do 鼓励 inspire sb to do 激励

18. fight to the end 战斗到底 make ends meet 使收支平衡 without end 无尽的

19. end up with 以…结束 end up (by) doing 以做…结束

end in failure 以失败而告终 end in divorce 以离婚而告终

20. endure toothache 忍受牙痛 I can’t endure that woman. 无法容忍

21. be engaged in (doing) 从事于, 忙与干…(be busy in doing)

be engaged to sb 与…订婚 The room is engaged.房间预订了。

22. spoil/enhance the company’s reputation毁掉/增加公司荣誉enhance my confidence增加自信

23. can’t…enough = can’t…too egg: You can’t be too careful/careful enough .

24. enter for 报名参加, 竞选

25. entertain sb with by/by doing 给…娱乐 entertain sb to/at dinner

26. entitle sb to do 给人干…的权利 The editorial is entitled “…” . 这篇社论题目是…

entitle the book “Love” 给书取名为…

27. be equal to…in… 在…方面与…相等

( be second to…in…, be similar to…in…, be superior to…in…)

be equal to doing/sth 能够胜任做… He is equal to doing this work.

28. equip sb with sth A good education should equip you for future life.

29. escape from 从…逃脱,逸出 escape doing

escape one’s notice / one’s attention / one’s mind Your name escaped me. = I forgot your name.

a narrow escape 九死一生 an escaped prisoner 逃犯

30. Water is essential to the growth of crops. 必要的

There is no essential difference between them. 本质上的

31. it is estimated that… estimate the cost 估价 the estimated cost 估计的成本

32. at all events , in any event (in any case) 无论如何,在任何情况下

In any event, the worst that she can do is say “no”

33. speak evil of sb 讲…坏话 speak highly of sb

34. exchange our opinions 交换 exchange A for B 用A换B

in exchange for 作为…的交换 I gave him my favorite football in exchange for his knife.

35. make an excursion to sp 到…短途旅行 an excursion train 旅游专列

36. Please excuse my interrupting you.= Please excuse me for my interrupting you.

37. excuse sb from 免除…的责任, 对其要求 He was excused from piano practice.

38. I am exhausted. = I am tired out. = I am worn out.

39. We can’t exist without water. 存在 come into existence = come into being

40. Heat expands mental. 热量使金属扩胀. expand the production 扩大生产

41. expect sb to do sty / that The city was more beautiful than we had expected

expect too much of sb 对…期待过多

42. traveling expenses 旅费 cut down one’s expense 减少…费用

at the expense of 以…为代价 He finished the work at the expense of his health. (at the cost of)

43.an unusual experience 一个不同寻常的经历

He has no experience of life at all. 他全无生活经验。an experienced teacher 一个有经验教师

44. do/make/perform an experiment carry out an experiment 作实验

45. explore the unknown 探索 explore the castle

46. expose sty in it’s true natural 揭露…本性 expose sty to 使…接触

Don’t expose it to the sun. 不要让它接触阳光.

Expose Children to some good books.

47. express way 快车道 express oneself 表达 express my thanks 表达谢意

with a strange expression 带着一种奇怪表情

beyond expression无法表达 The scenery was beautiful beyond expression.

48. to the full extent of one’s power 竭尽所能

to some extent/degree 到某种程度为止 To some extent, you are correct.

49. have an eye for 对…有鉴赏力 keep an eye on 照看

catch one’s eye 吸引…注意 in the eyes of sb 在…心目中

have a good/poor eyesight 视力

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