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  英 ['taɪəd]     美 ['taɪərd]





  I am not in the least tired.


  If you watch too much TV, you'll feel tired.


  We reached our destination, tired and hungry.


  I was too tired to walk any further.


  You must have noticed how tired he sometimes looks 你一定注意到他有时候显得特别疲惫。

  I had a busy day and was rather tired 今天很忙,我累坏了。

  What we see at Westminster is a tired old ritual 我们在威斯敏斯特教堂看到的是一种经年不变的古旧仪式。

  "Tired and emotional" is a code word for being drunk “又累又激动”是形容人喝醉酒的一种委婉说法。

  After a long evening of partying he looked tired 纵情狂欢了一夜后,他看起来累了。

  They may feel tired and though outwardly calm, can be irritable 他们或许会感到疲惫,虽然外表看似没事,但可能很容易发火。

  Winter weather can leave you feeling fatigued and tired 冬季会让人感觉疲乏无力。

  His last book, "Needful Things", was a retread of tired material 他的上一本书《必需品》尽在重复些老掉牙的内容。

  Now sit down and make yourself comfortable You must be very tired 现在坐下来,让自己舒服些,你一定很累了。

  She was feeling tired and was glad to lean against him 她正感到有些疲倦,因此很高兴可以靠在他身上。

  Bunbury flopped down upon the bed and rested his tired feet 邦伯里重重地倒在了床上,让他疲惫的双脚休息一下。

  I didn't want to hear another one of his tired excuses 我不想听他的又一个老掉牙的借口。

  Businessmen are tired of politicians talking the economy down 商人厌烦政客们贬低经济的重要性

  My arms are tired, and my back is tense 我的胳膊很累,背部肌肉紧绷得难受。

  His suit was wrinkled and he looked very tired 他的西服皱巴巴的,整个人显得非常疲惫。

  The dialogue and acting in Indecent Proposal are tired, cliched and corny 《桃色交易》中的对白和表演尽落俗套,毫无新意。

  She was still tired and sleepy when he woke her 他叫醒她的时候,她仍然又累又困。

  Haig noted how he "looked pinched and rather tired" 黑格注意到了他“看上去消瘦,非常劳累”的样子。

  The Beatles— I never get tired of listening to them 甲壳虫乐队——我是百听不厌

  The oppressive afternoon heat had quite tired him out 下午令人难耐的高温让他完全精疲力竭。

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